Ken Olson Photography | Jess Zeutenhorst
Created 29-Sep-13
19 photos

Jess, we have done several renditions of some pieces. We are printing up the ones we are showing you. You can identify the stages of the piece through sizing. Just wanted to let you see what a potential customer would see online.
BaconEggs1BaconEggs2BaconEggs1  5x7BaconEggs2  5x7BaconEgss 1  8x10BaconEgss 2  8x10BaconEgss  11x14CarrotCarrot2Carrot   8x10Carrot2  8x10Carrot1   11x14Carrot2  11x14Gumdrop Tree-8Gumdrop Tree-8 8x10Radish-5   MasterRadish-5   4x4Radish 5x7Radish 8x10

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